Nick Viall & Shawn Booth Finally Face Off on 'After the Final Rose' -- It's Super Awkward

If you saw the Bachelorette finale, then you know Kaitlyn and Shawn are, as of right now, still ridiculously happy and adorable. But of course, in this game not everyone can be a winner, and Nick still hasn't found his happy ending. Thanks to Chris Harrison and the After the Final Rose special, though, Nick at least found some closure with Shawn.


The two guys ended up agreeing that they both acted pretty immature during the whole season (which ... duh) but they also agreed to not "hug it out" when Chris Harrison suggested it. Good try, Chris. Good try.

All in all, it was disappointingly civil.

They just talked out their differences, agreed that they didn't like each other, and left. Done and done.

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Nick did get the chance to elaborate a little on his relationship with Katiyn pre-filming, and though he chose to ignore the sexting rumors that were going around, he did say that it was more than just the texting we originally thought. 

Nope, according to Nick, he and Kaitlyn started talking a month or so before filming started, and they went from texting to calling to video chats pretty quickly. And, as Nick put it, they "got to know each other as well as two people can without meeting each other."

Well, apparently it wasn't enough. Sorry, Nick! Guess you'll be living the single life a little longer.

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