Catelynn Lowell Is Losing Fans Over Highly Controversial Instagram Post (PHOTO)

Catelynn LowellIf you follow Catelynn Lowell on Instagram, then you know her feed is usually filled with happy pictures of baby Nova and her fiancé Tyler Baltierra. It's rare that Catelynn gets super political (though she did share her glee for the legalization of same sex marriage) and even rarer that she causes a controversy of any kind. 


It was well documented on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom that Catelynn and Tyler opted to place their first child, Carly, up for adoption. We all tearfully watched them hand newborn Carly to her adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa. Catelynn and Tyler made the choice that was right for them at that time in their lives without making any grand gestures about their political or religious views. But today, Catelynn posted this to her Instagram and the backlash has been unprecedented.

Amen! ���

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The comments have turned into a war between those who are pro-life versus those who are pro-choice, and many followers have decided they no longer want to support Catelynn at all.

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My two cents? It shouldn't be a shock that Catelynn is pro-life to anyone who was already her fan. (Um, she hasn't exactly been shy about her stance on the issue.) At 16 years old, Catelynn and Tyler did choose to place their baby up for adoption as opposed to terminating the pregnancy. And just 6 months ago, they welcomed their daughter Novalee to the world.

It's definitely jarring for Catelynn to post something so controversial amid happy-go-lucky photos of her bridal shower and baby Nova. Now, I don't think it necessitates her losing fans, as we are all entitled to our opinion due to a little thing called free speech -- but I do understand why it caught some folks off guard. Hopefully once the dust settles, people will opt to respect Catelynn's opinion as opposed to tearing her down for her beliefs, even if they don't agree with her.


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