The Duggars Stand to Lose Millions After '19 Kids' Cancellation

The Duggar family may be rich in spirit -- and kids -- but the cancellation of their TLC show could cost the clan millions.


The network finally put the kibosh on 19 Kids and Counting last week, following reports that Josh Duggar had molested five young girls as a teenager ... and the family knew about it.

Life & Style is reporting that Jim Bob, Michelle, and their brood stand to lose upward of $25 million a year now that the final nail is in the coffin of their reality series. Once garnering $45,000 per episode, the family matriarch and patriarch are also finding that their lucrative speaking engagements are becoming obsolete ... and fast.

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Their financial loss, no matter how large, isn't anywhere near as destructive as the emotional and physical trauma inflicted on Josh's victims. These young women will never forget having their innocence stripped away at the hands of the reality star and that simply can't be put into a dollar figure.

With that being said, I think the Duggars should be just fine financially, even without the millions they stood to make in the future. Their show was on the air for seven years, which gave them an awful lot of time to earn money and put some away for a rainy day.

And it's raining, folks. It's really raining.

Reacting to the show's cancellation, the Duggars said in a statement:

God holds the future.

While some might think the family is just trying to put on a brave face to keep what's left of their wholesome image in tact, I think they really believe it.


Image via Mejia/Asadorian/Splash News

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