Kiptyn Locke Welcomes Son With Name As Unique As His Own (PHOTOS)

kiptyn lockeFor a minute, there was a chance Kiptyn Locke would live happily ever after with Bachelorette Jillian Harris. Then there was the on again/off again romance with Tenley Molzahn. But Locke found true love with girlfriend Samm Murphy. The two are now parents. Kiptyn is a dad to a little boy with a name that sounds a lot like his own.


Prepare yourself. The cuteness is up to level 11. And the note Kiptyn wrote to his newborn son is one of the best new-dad sentiments there ever could be.

My Promise I promise to be there for you, always. To put you first, support you and be someone you can count on – no matter the situation, time or place – I’ll be there for you. I promise to live my life in a way that gives you an example of a good man and positive role model. I will teach you to respect, appreciate and love a woman. To open doors, take your first bite second, and be a source of strength, security and caring. I will share with you the importance of passion in all aspects of life: sport, relationships, work, your personal interests and beyond as you show up to each and every day. And when you find your passion I will support you, encourage you and stand behind you no matter where you find it. Your happiness will always be enough to make me happy. You will never be alone in this world. I promise to show you how looking out for those around you, whether best friends or strangers, makes our world a better place. I’ll teach you to never underestimate the value of humor, never compromise your principles, and always remember the importance of family, friends, loyalty, integrity and character. I promise to introduce you to many of this big world’s greatest treasures and then encourage you as you forge your own path and become your own man. Above all else, I promise you love, unconditional love each and every day until I take my last breath. Welcome to the world, son. Dad <<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>> Happy Birthday Koltyn Murphy Locke 07/16/2015

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Kiptyn! That is so beautiful! I think every woman in Bachelor nation is wondering how they let this one slip away. (Along with many of us Kiptyn fans.) Be still my heart! Here's more!

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Now we have to discuss the name. Koltyn. Koltyn Murphy Locke. I love this. The name is so much like Kiptyn -- little K Junior. And the couple used Mom's last name as his middle name for a really sweet touch.

Fans of Kiptyn's know that he's always longed to be a dad. And when he met Samm, everything fell into place. Of his lady love, he said, "Samm is an amazing woman. She's an athletic, active, intelligent woman running her own business. She'll be an amazing mom." 

All the best to this sweet family.


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