Jenelle Evans Shares Exciting Plans to Expand Her Family

Jenelle EvansWhew! It's been a rocky road for Jenelle Evans and fiancé Nathan Griffith. The pair just got back together after a breakup so bad the police got involved. As they care for their 1-year-old son Kaiser and fight to get custody back of Jenelle's 5-year-old son Jace from her mom Barbara, one would think their hands are full. But Jenelle revealed she wants another baby during a Teen Mom 2 Facebook chat.


She says while life with two boys is "hectic," she wants to try for "just one more" so they can hopefully have a girl.

Thankfully, Jenelle said that adding a new family member is still a ways off. "It would be nice, but not anytime soon! I have Nexplanon implant birth control for two more years!" she revealed.

Jenelle also said that her wedding is in the future too. "If we are going to be together forever no need to jump into a marriage right away!" she said on the chat.

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As we have seen on the newest episodes of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle and Nathan go through a rough patch of screaming and fighting almost immediately after they get engaged, so it's probably best that they take things as slowly as possible, just to make sure they have really worked through all their issues. Not to mention that if they are having another baby simply in the hopes of having a girl, that's anything BUT a sure thing! (You KNOW she'll wind up pregnant with another boy. For sure.)


Image via PBandJenelly_1/Twitter

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