Chris Harrison Hints That We Could See 2 'Bachelors' Next Season

Anyone with eyes and a brain and taste for sweaters knows that Ben H. would be the perfect Bachelor. But then again, we also know that ABC enjoys toying with our hearts, and we know that the producers loooove Ben Z. So when Chris Harrison hinted there could be two Bachelors next season and that they would probably be Ben Higgins and Ben Zorn, we weren't totally surprised.


No, not surprised. Just sad. Don't take Ben H. away from me.

I mean, okay. Ben Z. is pretty cute, even if he's a monster-sized human being. And he's sweet. And sensitive. And he got his own sit-down during "Men Tell All." But, but ... Ben H.!!!

Chris Harrison said that there's a possibility that they'd repeat this Bachelorette season's format -- i.e., Ben & Ben would welcome the women together at the first cocktail party, but then it would be up for the Bachelorettes to decide which Ben they wanted to stick around for the rest of the season. 

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If they did that, it might help alleviate some of the flack they got this season for taking the power away from Britt and Kaitlyn on that first night, because they'd be doing it to the men, too. It would help make them a liiittle less sexist. Maybe.

But, then again, Chris Harrison said that having two Bachelorettes that first night was a logistical nightmare:

Beyond the television side of what you guys see, two Bachelorettes just means double the work ... Those first couple of nights were extremely difficult for production. It was a brutal task to pull that off. But it made sense because so many people wanted both of them.

He also tossed around Chris Strandburg (#neverforget his teeth) and Jared Hairbon's names. What does that mean?? FOUR Bachelors??

That might be a nightmare for production, but it would be a dream come true for me.

Unless Ben H. didn't win. Then I would be devastated. 

It almost feels like they're just toying with us because we know and they know that Ben H. is the perfect Bachelor, but they want some of that "who will it be??" suspense back. How rude. 

But there are two pieces of good news, here: First, if there really are going to be two Bens next season, that means I don't have to give up calling him Ben H. just yet.

The second piece of good news is that there's a decent chance we'll get some answers about all this on Monday night after Kaitlyn's Final Rose. I'm sure we'll all hate whatever they come up with for a while until we decide to just get over it, but expect some expletives coming from this direction.

See you Monday!


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