Kaitlyn Bristowe's Rumored Final Pick May Have Lied in Order to Win Her Final Rose (SPOILERS)

All is fair in love and war, right? Not exactly -- being dishonest in order to get someone to like you is just wrong, plain and simple. Rumor has it that Bachelorette contestant Shawn Booth may have lied to Kaitlyn Bristowe in an effort to keep himself in the running as one of two final contestants on the reality TV show.


As the season draws to a close and Bristowe remains caught between Booth and Nick Viall, the assumption most viewers are making is that she ultimately chooses Booth because there was far too much drama surrounding Viall, including rumors that he was only on the show in order to become famous and possibly be chosen as the next Bachelor.

Booth was able to win Bristowe's affections by being sweet, charming, and accepting of the fact that she slept with Viall — I mean, after he initially freaked out about it and acted like a jealous boyfriend. But now we hear contestant J.J. Lane tweeted about his love for Viall, which has fans wondering whether Booth lied to Bristowe about how all of the contestants hated his rival in order to plant something in her head and make himself look better.

Lane's tweet:

Viall's response:

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I find it difficult to believe Bristowe made her decision based on whether the other men liked or disliked Viall, but I also understand how slimy it is to lie to her about anything in order to increase your chances of being chosen. If you're a confident person who feels worthy of love, you have no need to trash others for your own benefit.

Could this lie be one of the reasons why Bristowe and her final pick (cough, Booth) have reportedly already called it quits? Time will tell.


Image via kaitlynbristowe/Instagram

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