Kaitlyn Bristowe Reportedly Dumps 'Bachelorette' Runner-Up at the Worst Possible Moment

I swear to God, if I could get a visual drum roll in here without being tacky, I would, because Monday's finale of The Bachelorette is already shaping up to be the best/most awkward one yet. New reports say that Kaitlyn dumped her runner-up mid-proposal, which could be the best "Imma let you finish, but ..." since Kanye himself hit the stage.


According to Us Weekly, her runner-up got really emotional and was on a roll with his speech before Kaitlyn grabbed his hand as a signal for him to stop. 

Except, like a normal human being, he took the hand-holding as a sign to keep going, because he's familiar with standard social cues. Kaitlyn, however, really meant it as an "I think we should break up because I decided to go with the other dude I've been dating this whole time."

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So, yeah, the runner-up was apparently a little peeved with Kaitlyn, and he didn't want to stick around and talk it out. Men, amiright? Not that we can blame him here, though -- he was probably hurt and embarrassed, and Kaitlyn had to scoot out of there anyways because the show must go on and all that. 

But YIKES. We know that the Bachelor franchise is harsh to the rejects, and that's half the fun, c'mon. But we also all know that the halfway decent Bachelorettes will knock on the bungalow doors of their runner-ups and shut them down (nicely) before they get anywhere near the floating dock in a sea of lily pads on which she'll be waiting for her one true love.

One of these days, I'd love to see a Bachelorette breakup that goes anything like a real life breakup. Could this be it?!?!?? I hope so. I so, so hope so.


Image via ABC.com

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