Adam Lind Trashes Chelsea Houska in Latest Rant About Their Custody Battle (VIDEO)


Adam Lind AubreeUgh! This one is hard to watch, guys! Adam Lind is trashing Chelsea Houska and their custody agreement ... again. But this time it's worse than ever, because he's trying to get their young daughter, Aubree, involved.


This video is absolutely heartbreaking because this poor little girl is being asked some pretty uncomfortable questions while she's simply trying to enjoy an ice cream sundae! Take a look:

Can you even believe this guy!?! It doesn't get much worse than when he manipulatively says, "You wouldn’t like it at a supervised center, where you couldn't leave or have any fun?”

Oh, this poor child! This bad boy doesn't know when to quit. How about how he follows it up with: "Ask your mother about that one?" Woah, that is beyond inappropriate!

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Poor Chelsea! Watching him look so smug and feign innocence when his friend asks why he'd have to do that -- as if he has no recollection of his list of DUIs and suspected steriod use -- is too much!

It's got to really rock Chels's world to hear her little girl reveal the "promises" her dad has made to her. The young mom has just got to be fuming. It's hard not to feel outraged on her behalf. Good thing she can turn to her handsome new boyfriend Cole DeBoer for a little support during all this drama!


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