Catherine Lowe Complains About Sex Life With Sean but Who Can Blame Her?

Every marriage has issues and every couple has a grievance or two about their relationship. But Sean and Catherine Lowe have a big marriage sex problem and it might make you a wee bit uncomfortable to hear the details.


The couple, who can count themselves as one of the few Bachelor success stories, joined the cast of Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars and have agreed to make their very intimate and private life public. For the Lowes, this includes talking a lot about sex because, as Catherine recently revealed, what isn't going on beneath their sheets is the main issue she has with their union.

Allow her to explain. Catherine, who has been married to Sean for just 17 months, thinks he's too "vanilla" when it comes to sex. What this means: After holding off on sex until their wedding night, and probably assuming this would only make it more crazy hot, Catherine says she is underwhelmed. She claims they don't engage in foreplay and that it's just "straight sex" without any dirty talk or the slightest hint of kink.

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To boot, Catherine complains that the only thing Sean says to her after sex is "I love you." I'm guessing she'd like to hear the occasional, "Oh my God, you're hot!" or "I really want to do that again to you," but nothing. Adding insult to injury, we hear the other couples on the show, including Mama June and Sugar Bear (Dear God, can you imagine?), are finding this whole thing a hoot and making fun of them.

It's TMI, for sure, but that's the whole point of the show, right? At the very least, Catherine and Sean are seeking help for their issue in the hopes of correcting it instead of giving up on each other or looking elsewhere for hot sex. I'm rooting for them!


Image via catherinegiudice/Instagram


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