Kristen Taekman Calls Ramona Singer Out for Being a Selfish Brat at Charity Event

Another day, another Real Housewives star insulting another one. Although, this time it seems as though Ramona Singer actually deserved it when Kristen Taekman called her out for her "selfish" behavior at a charity event on this week's episode of Real Housewives of New York City.


Taekman took to her Bravo TV blog to talk about the event and her less-than-pleased reaction to Ramona coming in and trying to steal the spotlight from the event that she and Heather Thomson put together for Smiletrain.

The pair coordinated with Yummie Jeans to sell them on Ebay for charity, and when Ramona came in with some necklaces just before the event was supposed to take place, Kristen was understandably upset.

Especially since it seems like Ramona has been doing her darnedest to get under Kristen's skin this season.

Anyway, the miffed reality star said she wanted to "set the record straight" on her blog about the show, and wrote, "Heather and I had collaborated six weeks before the event to work out the details that her Yummie team had been in contact with Smiletrain about to set up the pop-up store and work out the logistics. Ramona -- thanks so much by the way -- of course came to the jean decorating party and brought some of her necklaces and said, 'Here, maybe you can all use these to decorate the jeans.' That was very nice of her, and I appreciated it. (Let's remember that this was two days before the event)."

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Kristen continued, and she did not hold back, saying, "Once again, Ramona is acting selfishly. Yummie donated hundreds of pairs of jeans, set up a boutique, and had staff to support the boutique. Ramona comes in, throws a few necklaces down on a table, and expects top billing?! I am so confused here."

But wait -- there's even more.

"I would have been more than happy to have supported True Faith, but you can’t come in at the last minute and expect all of these demands at a charity event," Taekman explained, before adding, "Ohhh Ramona ... for once, just sit back, and chill the F out!"

Let's hope she knows what she's doing -- I'd hate to get on Ramona's bad side. Or any Housewife's bad side, for that matter.


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