Leah Calvert Takes on Whole New Identity in Latest Bold Move

It's official! Leah Calvert has taken back her maiden name and is Leah Messer once again. Not only that, it seems like she and her ex-husband Jeremy Calvert have been getting along better than ever.


The Teen Mom 2 star changed her name back to Leah Messer on social media, and tweeted praise for Jeremy, saying, "@calvert505 is hands down one of the best dads that I know. Couldn't imagine coparenting with anyone else. Addie ALWAYS comes FIRST!"

Which of course had fans immediately questioning if she really meant it, or if it was a subtle dig at Corey Simms, her first husband and the father of their 5-year-old twins Ali and Aleeah Grace.

Leah responded the best way that she could, with: "This has NOTHING to do with Corey. Thank you." Unfortunately, things haven't been going very swimmingly with Corey and his wife Miranda, who have been busy with lawyers trying to get full custody of the twins, or at least 50 percent.

Miranda even reportedly went off on Leah at the filming for an upcoming reunion special with Dr. Drew.  An insider told The Ashley Reality Roundup, "Miranda called Leah out for putting the twins in potential danger … Everyone on set was stunned. No one expected Miranda to go off like that because she's usually quiet. Leah couldn't really even deny that she bashes Corey in front of the kids, because it's true. Leah couldn't really deny anything Miranda was saying."

Dawn Spears, Leah's mom, was apparently so upset over Miranda's attack on her that she started yelling at her from the audience. "She's concerned that Leah could snap at any minute," a family friend revealed. "She knows how fragile Leah is right now and didn't even want her to go to LA for the reunion, but she had to because of her MTV contract. They have to attend the reunions."

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The friend was also at the taping for the reunion special, and said that Jeremy's anticipated smackdown of Leah never happened. "They didn't really fight or anything," the insider said. "Everyone was expecting this big showdown but Jeremy decided not to nail Leah like he had planned to do."

Hopefully these parents can all work it out somehow -- the kids deserve parents who can be cordial, even if they don’t like each other personally.


Image via teenmom_mtv/Instagram

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