Brady Toops & Britt Nilsson Didn't Have a 'Celebrity Couple Mashup Name' -- So They Split

Brady toops britt nilsonKeeping your sense of humor after a breakup definitely helps heal a broken heart, and apparently no one knows this better than one lovable reality show duo. Brady Toops broached the topic of his and Bachelorette hopeful Britt Nilsson's split in a funny post he recently shared on Instagram. 


Because the adorable rocker was a no-show at Monday night's much-anticipated Men Tell All episode, he took to social media to set the record straight on what went wrong. And he did it in a tongue-in-cheek way we can't help but love!  

Since I wasn't on "Men Tell All" to clear things up, and since a lot of people have been asking lately, "If you & @brittkarolina are saying such nice things about each other, then WHY didn't it work out?" In light of that, I thought I'd help clear the air and give you the 4 real (behind the scenes) reasons it didn't work out: 1. We had no real celebrity couple mashup name.. Britt(y), Brad(itt). See, there was almost no chance. This was probably the beginning of the end when we realized this. 2. Britt is afraid of heights, and not only am I afraid of heights, but I'm actually afraid of her being afraid of heights. That obviously couldn't work. 3. Once we left the show, they didn't give us any roses. How are we suppose to figure this thing out without any roses? [for you haters out there, I did actually buy her flowers.. ð���] 4. Apparently I needed some more inspiration for my next record, because we all know that break-up records are the records you can't stop listening to (ex. Sam Smith - "In the Lonely Hour", Adele - "21", Coldplay - "Ghost Stories"). Stay tuned. Anyway, I hope this helps. Even though it's sad that Britt & I are no longer together, I want to thank everyone for all the love & support you've shown us. She's a special girl and deserves nothing but the best. I'm glad we're still friends (notice the side hug in the pic ð���). Peace & Love! â��ð��¼ï¸ï¿½

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What a sweet photo! It's so refreshing to see that these two can not only remain friends but also keep their breakup light and share a laugh at the same time -- even if we are pretty sure they didn't really split because they didn't have a "celebrity couple mashup name."

In a previous post, Brady shared that from the moment Britt stepped out of the limo on Chris Soules's season, he was "in." So we know this can't be easy for him. (Although we are pretty sure that this does give him plenty of breakup-record fodder ... )

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Still, something tells us a guy who's funny and this cute won't be alone for too long -- even if he is afraid of heights! Just kidding. We bet there are plenty of ladies out there who'd like to receive a rose from a man with this much class.  


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