Chris Harrison Claims the Next 'Bachelor' Hasn’t Been Chosen -- But It Definitely Isn’t Shawn or Nick

Word on the street is that the next star of the Bachelor has already been selected and that he's the ideal man: good ole Ben Higgins, whom Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe liked a lot, but not enough to choose as her main man. Well, hold the phones because host Chris Harrison claims the next Bachelor hasn't been chosen and we've all been fooled -- but he has perfectly good reasons for why it shouldn't be Nick Viall or Shawn Booth (so you do the math).


Harrison says "despite popular belief," the next Bachelor has yet to be declared, but his reasoning behind why Nick and Shawn are terrible choices makes sense to me:

Nick's already been on the show twice -- I don't think Nick or Shawn would really make a good Bachelor, they aren't bad people, other than it takes a certain type of person to be The Bachelor, and I think we have better candidates than Nick or Shawn.

Well, ouch to you, too! The best thing about his quote is that it pretty much proves (I hope) that Chris Soules won't be back for a second chance at love, unless he's keen on upsetting a lot of folks who want Soules to stay on the farm.

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With that said, there's no way the show's producers are going to let a cute gem like Higgins slip out of their hands without giving him a chance on The Bachelor. He's a fan favorite and someone for whom even Bristowe has given her nod of approval.

I understand that we have to play this mysterious little game for a few more weeks, but we all know Higgins is happening. Right?!


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