Duggars Are 'Heartbroken' Over Cancellation of '19 Kids' But That's Just Too Bad

jim bob michelle duggarThe demise of 19 Kids and Counting may have hit the family harder than they let on. A source tells People magazine that the Duggars are "heartbroken" over the cancellation and want to return to television.


The insider who worked closely with the Duggars says the family is "heartbroken now that they've lost that platform" for sharing their evangelical Christian faith. Television was a ministry of sorts for them. "The Duggars want to return to TV because they truly believe it was part of God's plan for them to spread the word about their faith."

How effective had the Duggars been, though? The casual observer might say that the Duggars succeeded in reinforcing the faith of viewers who already shared the same beliefs. More secular viewers followed the family out of curiosity. You could be impressed with Michelle's house-management skills while disregarding her beliefs.

And when the public witnessed some of the more extreme expressions of the Duggars' faith, many were turned off. Remember Michelle's cruel and factually inaccurate (and in retrospect, hypocritical) anti-transgender robo calls?

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I think the Duggars got their opportunity. They took it as far as they could. We learned a lot about their values in the past few years.

The insider tells People that the Duggars were blindsided by the public's response to the scandal. "Their thinking is, they put this behind them ages ago, so why wouldn't the rest of the world?"

Well you'll have to forgive me if it reminds me of the way abusive spouses always want their victims to just get over it and move on after an attack they've apologized for. Maybe the scandal is no longer fresh for the Duggars, but it was a tremendous shock to fans and it's only natural for it to take the public a while to process what it all means.

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I suspect that the real reason the Duggars want to remain on television is to redeem themselves in the public's eyes. They want that adoration back. They hate leaving in a cloud of shame. And I don't blame them there.

I do wish they could be more honest about that, though, instead of wrapping it all in God talk. Leave God out of it -- you want to end your television career with dignity. That's completely understandable. If only the Duggars had allowed themselves to be more human on television all along, instead of forcing this ministry of perfection, maybe they'd have their TV show still.


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