Everyone Needs to Stop Talking About ‘Bachelor’ Alum Ashley's Virginity -- Including Ashley

There's a lot of chatter about Ashley Iaconetti's virginity. The pretty 26-year-old likened herself to Princess Jasmine and attempted to win the heart of Chris Soules on The Bachelor. That didn't exactly happen. And now Ashley is going to be on Bachelor In Paradise thrusting her virgin status back in the spotlight once again.


It feels icky to say this, but some are wondering if she would lose her virginity on the sun-soaked, bikini fest show. Please, Ashley. Please no.

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She seems a little nervous. Sweaty. Uncomfortable. I feel uncomfortable for her. I bet she's tired of talking about her virginity -- she says she is. But it keeps getting brought up. And she keeps talking about not talking about it. During one promo for BIP, she even said "Jared's definitely hot enough to be my first," referring to Jared Haibon. She's still mentioning it without saying the "v" word.

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Stop this. Stop this now. I suppose this makes "good TV," but this is still one person's life. When you lose your virginity shouldn't be a thing for the cameras. Is Ashley just so caught up in the moment in paradise? Is this really a good idea?

I get it. I really do. She wants to have fun, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. It's better than being on one of those dating sites. But I would suggest really staying mum on the topic of sex. Let the cameras film those hot and steamy moments and leave us guessing -- that's better TV.


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