Ben Higgins Just Got Some Serious Competition for 'The Bachelor' (VIDEO)

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If the rumors are true, Ben Higgins is going to be our next Bachelor. Done deal, right? Not so fast! If you watch this video (and you know you have to), you may question that. Just what is this all about with Ben H., Jared Haibon, Ben Zorn, and Chris Strandburg a.k.a. Cookie? Are they suggesting that there is some big reveal coming up with all four of these guys competing for the coveted role of Bachelor?


E! News's Will Marfuggi talked to these four guys who all seemed to know something we don't know. What is going on here? If Ben H. is it, then why is he being all secretive? What's with all this "I'd consider it" nonsense? The I have to consult with my family stuff? Are they all trying to throw us off?

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"Definitely consider it" isn't saying "definitely yes." Are these guy trying to be coy? Are they just trying to win the hearts of everyone watching, making us think they have to consult with their family to make sure they are ready to open their hearts for love? They sooooo believe in the process. They want love -- they believe in love!

Or perhaps they are throwing us a curveball. You know what they did with Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson. Are they trying to do the same here? More than one Bachelor? Competition? Are these guys just dancing around the issue?

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I have to say, if it was up to me, it's Ben Higgins all the way. Please. Ben H. for Bachelor! He's just got that "thing," that quality, that lovable, huggable Higgins-ness. I'm taken so I can't spend my life with this guy, but I wouldn't mind spending a whole bunch of Monday nights with him -- on the TV, of course.


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