We Ate Lunch With Stephen Colbert & It Was Disturbing (VIDEO)

stephen colbertYou guys, I just had lunch with Stephen Colbert! And now those of you who miss his Colbert Report can keep him company at lunchtime, too. Leading up to his new gig on The Late Show, Colbert has been doing a web video series called "Lunch With Stephen."


Yesterday Colbert had "small-sounding foods" because he's trying to cut back: Little Ceasar's Pizza, Thin Mints Girl Scout Cookies, and baby back ribs. I had a leftover banh mi sandwich.

Today Stephen had just come back from his apiary, but based on what he was saying about the apes dying I don't think he knows what that means (it's where you keep beehives). It's a funny coincidence, though, because I just happened to have drizzled honey on my chickpea flour flatbread for lunch, so ... oh never mind.

Anyway, for Tuesday's lunch Stephen ate local. Another thing we have in common! I try to eat local, too. That honey from my lunch is from a nearby farm. Only for Stephen, local means "only food from the vending machine down the hall." So it's a Snickers bar for him. Man, he's serious about his locavorism.

Stephen had a few favors to ask of his lunch companion and if you ask me, he's asking for way too much. In fact I kind of lost my appetite when he confided in me. I'm not so sure we can still be friends. I'm scared to even have lunch with him again tomorrow. I mean, watch and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Okay, but seriously, though -- this is a fun way for Colbert to promote his new show. He's left behind his faux-wing-nut persona from The Colbert Report, but he's no less zany. We're really getting a flavor for the Late Show. Get it? FLAVOR?? Heh. 

If nothing else, lunch with Stephen sure beats my usual Sad Desk Lunch alone.


Image via The Late Show With Stephen Colbert/YouTube


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