'Bachelorette Men Tell All' Recap: Kaitlyn Bristowe Is Forced to Face Her Biggest Fears

TONIGHT on The Bachelorette: Ian spends the whole time on his knees (doesn't make us forgive him), Jared shaves his face, Joe has a giant bird head, and bloopers. Oh, yes. It's time for "Men Tell All."


What was great about this episode is that it was a two-hour-long roller coaster that had virtually no outcome or point at all, as usual. And it was so great. 

We did learn that Kaitlyn basically #YOLOed her way through this whole season, and that included sneaking into Shawn and Ben H.'s room early on and hiding under a blanket until the team of hounds handlers stopped searching for her. She spent SIX HOURS there and that's when she told Shawn he was "the one." Apparently. While Ben H. was in the shower. APPARENTLY.

So Kaitlyn did Kaitlyn (which is obviously the only way to do it), but that spurred some garbage human beings to tweet horrible things at her, mostly regarding her decision to sleep with Nick.

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The stuff they said was really, really awful, and though it was hard to hear, it was definitely good for the show to bring it up and address it. Not only did it (hopefully) make people realize the effects their tweets can have, but it also gave the men the chance to see the kind of crap girls have to put up with. And the good news is, they all seemed to recognize how hard it was for her to go through. Yes or no: We all deserve a standing ovation for putting up with sexist trolls??

Okay, what else? Ian was back even though we were sure he'd be hanging his head in shame somewhere, but NOPE. He came back and he apologized a lot and kneeled a lot, which was weird. Even so, the super-drunk guy from the first episode who groped Kaitlyn came off as a more genuine human than Ivy League Ian did.

Honestly? The most surprising part of the night was that they DIDN'T make us sit through segments about how happy and in love Brit and Brady are. Thank God! We truly don't care!

But we DO care about Kaitlyn. So stop scaring her with birds and tell us if she gets her happily ever after!! Or at least sort of. 


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