Maci Bookout Shares How She Really Feels About Ex Ryan Edwards (Hint -- It's Not Good)

No love lost here! Another Teen Mom star is coming out with a memoir, and she wastes no ink when going after her bad-boy baby daddy. Maci Bookout slams Ryan Edwards in Bulletproof, and from what we've seen on the show through the years, we can't say he doesn't deserve it.


Maci wrote that Ryan was sweet at first, but by the time she went into labor, he was already disinterested in the whole parenthood thing. She said that he was too partied-out to help her through her contractions. "Bless his heart, but he was hungover. Like, the dying kind," she remembered.

When they brought Bentley home, Maci said her ex-fiancé was never around. "It seemed like Ryan always had some sort of reason not to be in the house. If he wasn't at work, he was at the gym or at dinner with friends," she wrote. "By the time he made it home, he would just go right back to sleep without even spending time with Bentley."

Of course the reality star started to feel "very, very lonely." She lamented, "I had no one to share my experience with. I had someone I was supposed to share it with, but he was always somewhere else."

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Even after she left Edwards when Bentley was 1, he still wasn't that into being a dad. Maci said she would drop her son off at Ryan's parents' house, but "his father was never there ... Ryan wasn't appreciating the chance to spend time with him."

As Bentley got older, he got used to his dad not being there for him. "Ryan almost never even stopped by" for baseball practice and "Bentley never expected him to."

In fact, Maci wrote, "If being a dad was anything less than a hundred percent fun, easy, and convenient, Ryan didn't seem interested ... The only time he seemed to wake up and take an interest in parenting was when he felt like he had nothing better to do … Why couldn't Ryan see what he was missing?"

Ugh! Bentley is such a sweet and funny kid -- it's hard to imagine that anyone wouldn't want to spend as much time as possible with him, especially his own dad. Hopefully Ryan grows up soon and realizes that he's never going to get this time back with Bentley.

Maybe Maci's tell-all memoir will be the wake-up call he needs.


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