Fans Are Losing It Over Cancellation of '19 Kids and Counting'

In the wake of 19 Kids and Counting being officially canceled by TLC, Duggar fans have taken to the Internet to express their sadness and anger over the show being over. Many of the family's most ardent supporters feel that they are being vilified needlessly and that the situation with Josh Duggar's molesting his sisters was handled years ago, with the family having moved on. Some are calling for a boycott of TLC and claim they will no longer watch anything on the channel.



The reactions are varied, but the message is the same -- some people are quite upset that the Duggars will no longer be in our living rooms on Tuesday nights letting us in on every Duggar courtship, wedding, and baby. Despite the fact that what Josh did was a very real crime, many are eager to forgive him and also to point out the general immorality of TLC's lineup. As if a transgender child were in any way sinful. Here are some reactions from fans about the news that 19 Kids and Counting will no longer be a part of TLC's lineup:

1. Because Transgender Is Just Like Child Sex Abuse. Except It's Not At All.

2. The Media Made Them Victims. Not The Molester. Sure.

3. Not an Example of a Family Working Well Together. It's Just Not.

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4. Transgender Is Not a Sin, But Molesting People Is.

5. It Was A Crime, Not a Mistake, But Thanks For Playing.

6. It's Persecuted, Not Prosecuted, Although Josh Should've Been Prosecuted.

7. This Had Nothing to Do With Christianity, Just Sexual Abuse.

8. Not a Private Family Matter, a Real-Live Crime.

9. We All Fall Short Of God's Grace But We Also Don't All Molest People.

10. Sexual Abuse Is a Crime, Not a Closet Skeleton.


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