Mama June Says Cancellation of '19 Kids And Counting' Isn't Enough -- She Wants the Duggars to Suffer

I can't believe I'm saying this, but for once in my life, I agree with Mama June. She is upset that TLC has not fully cut ties with the Duggar family. Despite cancelling their hit show 19 Kids and Counting, the network still has plans for a documentary about child sexual abuse awareness that will feature both Jessa and Jill, who admitted recently to being victims of sexual abuse at the hands of older brother Josh Duggar. Mama June is angry that TLC wouldn't associate with her anymore after rumors circulated that she was dating a man who had molested her daughters, but will still work with the Duggar family. Honestly, I can't blame her.


The world was horrified when news broke of Mama June dating a convicted child sex offender and having him around her children. That horror only intensified when it was discovered that the children this man had allegedly molested were June's own daughters. TLC did the right thing and cancelled her show, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, in the wake of those allegations.

Yesterday, we found out that TLC finally cancelled 19 Kids and Counting after only pulling repeat episodes from their schedule when the news first came out about Josh Duggar molesting several of his younger sisters, including Jessa Seewald and Jill Dillard. However, with the announcement of that cancellation came the news that TLC is planning to create a documentary on the topic of child sexual abuse in conjunction with the Duggar family. This news angered Mama June, as she feels the Duggars should be cut off by TLC the same way that she was after her scandal broke.

I do agree with Mama June because it is quite clear that TLC is mainly motivated by money in this situation. 19 Kids and Counting is their biggest draw for viewers, and Honey Boo Boo did not approach that level of popularity. Of course TLC would still work on projects with the Duggars, no matter what they've done, as it is profitable for them to do so. I can completely understand where Mama June is coming from, as it seems unfair to treat the families differently when the type of offense in question is somewhat similar.

Of course, a solid case can be made in defending TLC's decision to produce this documentary with the Duggars, as it may actually help someone by bringing the difficult and sad subject of child sexual abuse to light. There are also many fans who feel that Josh Duggar was still a child himself when these incidents took place and that maybe the network and the world are being too harsh on him, considering the family seems to have moved on. Either way, it is easy to see why Mama June would call for TLC to break it off with the Duggar family in every way when we consider how her family was brushed off by TLC without any other offers.

Do you think Mama June is right and that TLC should cut all ties with the Duggars?

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