Ben Higgins Plays Coy on His 'Bachelor' Status -- But We Think He's It

Squeals of delight were heard around the globe when Ben H. was confirmed to be the next Bachelor on Tuesday, but then those were retracted a little when we all realized that it's not TOTALLY confirmed yet. Well, Ben Higgins finally spoke up about the Bachelor rumors, and he just re-convinced us he's it. We can feel it.


Ben told Entertainment Tonight that "those conversations haven't happened yet" (re: being the next Bachelor), but we didn't have to be there to know exactly what his face looked like during that convo:

"Mmhm, haven't happened YET. Wink wink."

He also said that it would be a great opportunity, and "from a 30,000 foot view I would have to consider it."

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I don't totally understand what that phrase means (I'm assuming it's a Denver thing), but it SOUNDS like he's down to do the show if ABC is down to have him. And let's be honest here: ABC would be crazy not to want him.

Does it ever feel to you like ABC leaks this stuff just to see what our reactions are going to be? Well, if so, it's working. HEY, ABC, WE WANT BEN TO BE THE NEXT BACHELOR!!!! THANKS!!!

There. Now he's definitely going to be it.


Image via higgins.ben/Instagram

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