Kaitlyn Bristowe Was Cyber-Bullied & She's Gonna Talk About It on 'Men Tell All'

This season of The Bachelorette is (sadly) winding down, but that means one thing: It's time for The Men Tell All. As always, this season's episode promises to be a testosterone-fueled delight, but it also sounds like we're going to get a very stern talking-to about cyber-bullying from Chris Harrison


Kaitlyn told Entertainment Tonight that all the hateful tweets that she was slammed with after her night with Nick aired actually really got to her ... obviously. Some of the things that went around really were awful, and name-calling doesn't even begin to cover it. That kind of stuff would get to anyone.

But here's the thing: ET reports that Chris Harrison will "address the cyber-bullying and will read aloud some of the hurtful tweets that were sent." Doesn't that seem backwards?? Don't get me wrong -- the convo about slut-shaming is definitely one we need to have -- but reading those tweets out loud and making Kaitlyn relive all that seems like the wrong way to do it.

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I think Chris Harrison is probably just trying to get across how bad some of the bullying was ... but still.

I dunno, maybe this is making it sound worse than it actually will be, but Kaitlyn did admit that she ended the night in tears. Although from the sound of it, the tears were good ones:

I was going to stay strong ... And everybody stood up and it just brought me to tears. It was really emotional, and it felt really good to know that everybody stood behind me on that.

What! Are you telling me these dudes pulled through and were actually decent to Kaitlyn during this? That's crazy. This we can't wait to see.


Image via higgins.ben/Instagram

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