'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Some Major Relationships Take a Turn for the Worse

Lots of stuff happening with some of our favorite reality show mamas this week! On Thursday night's episode of Teen Mom 2, some major relationship developments happened for Leah Calvert, Chelsea Houska, Jenelle Evans, and Kailyn Lowry -- and not all of them were positive.


Kail and her hubby Javi Marroquin got into it last week, over his jealousy of her male friends from school. He initially refused to take Isaac to Jo's house, which would have caused Kailyn to miss out on her concert with her friends, but this week he relented and took him, and made plans to meet her in Philly after the concert.

Javi apologized to Kail, but she worried that nothing really got resolved, and that the same issues are going to pop up next time they fight. Let's hope they nip that in the bud! No one likes having the same fights over and over.

Leah Calvert's relationship with her husband Jeremy continues to deteriorate, and she blames her custody battle with ex-hubby Corey Simms for the state of her own marriage. It seems pretty clear from this footage that Jeremy was pretty checked out at this point -- it's not surprising he filed for divorce a few months after this was filmed. 

Some good news for Leah though, when her drug test came back 100 percent negative. She said she knew that it would, but it's cool she got that dealt with. Meanwhile, Cory is still pushing for 50/50 custody. We'll see how that plays out!

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An awkward moment happened when Chelsea Houska's boyfriend Cole DeBoer met her baby daddy Adam Lind for the first time at Aubree's Christmas program. Thankfully the guys handled it well, and not a drop of drama ensued.

As for her current custody battle with Lind ... Chels met up with Adam's other ex-girlfriend Taylor Halbur, with whom he also has a daughter, 1-year-old Paislee. They met with Taylor's lawyer, who also agreed to represent Chelsea's case. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, right?

Perhaps the most exciting thing that happened this week was Jenelle's engagement to Nathan Griffith in St. Thomas. He got down on one knee and everything, and of course she said yes!

It wasn't all roses for Jenelle though -- before she and Nate left on their trip, her mom Barbara Evans refused to let her see Jace or even talk to him. Jenelle was a mess of tears over it, and vowed to get a lawyer and fight her mom to get custody of her son back. Why can't these two just get along already?

All in all, it was a pretty eventful episode, and we can't wait to see how the rest of the season plays out!


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