'Bachelorette' Kaitlyn Bristowe Admits That She Was ‘Crushed’ to Send Ben Home

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We cannot feel sad for Kaitlyn Bristowe -- she has had a lot of really sweet (and handsome) suitors and got to spend time in Ireland at a castle. But something tells me that we need to worry about her -- even though Kaitlyn sent Ben Higgins home, she still has feelings for him. Not good. Based on the details she gave about their night in the fantasy suite, she may even be regretting her decision.


We can remain calm. They didn't get all Fifty Shades of Grey in there. They had ... "fun." Regarding Ben, Kaitlyn shared in a blog post:

Age was never anything but a number with Ben. I think everyone can agree with me that he is a mature 26. You can tell he has lived life, had experiences, and is ready for looooove. He is also a smooth talker; he doesn't even realize how much game he has. All of the things Ben says, he means. It always comes from the heart with him and he is one of the most genuine people I have met. 

My favorite part about our Fantasy Suite, aside from staying in that gorgeous castle, was that we had time to hang out just the two of us with no one else around. We just got to be weird together. We had a dance party, we ate a lot of cheese, and we tried to explore the dark castle, but it was too scary. Haha. We actually had a fun sleepover. I was really hoping he was going to be a dud so that my decisions could get easier, haha. But dud he was not.

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She also talked about how comfortable they felt together and that their conversation flowed easily. That's a big deal -- and important for ever-lasting love. Which makes me wonder why she said good-bye to Ben. Why, Kaitlyn, WHY?!? Kaitlyn called her decision to say good-bye to Ben "heartbreaking." Is she just being nice in her blog? She wants a bad boy, doesn't she? Oh, Kait. Ben! Ben was "the one"! She also said she had to trust her heart "in the moment." What does "in the moment" mean? Is she having second thoughts here? Now that the moment has passed, is she pining over Ben? Is this something we are going to learn more about after the rose? Mark my words -- I think it might be. Ben: THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY! The nice guy she wishes she didn't break up with!

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I can't help but be upset with her just a little bit. I know it's her life and all, but as a spectator I am a little crushed, too. I want the happy happy here. I'm buying into the Trista and Ashley fairy tale. It can happen again ... if -- and only if -- you choose the nice guy. And Ben isn't just nice. He's sexy and cool and loves babies. I mean ... come on! Kaitlyn is that girlfriend we all have that we wished made better decisions. All we can do though is sit back and watch it unfold. Hey, they'll always have Ireland.


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