15 Bikini Pics of Bachelor Nation Women That Make Us Want to Hit the Pool Right Now

Nicole Pomarico | Jul 21, 2015 TV


The casting department at ABC certainly does not fail us when it comes to finding good-looking guys for The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. But the women? Well, they're seriously gorgeous, too. And when summertime comes around, the women of Bachelor Nation are all about stripping down to their bikinis and enjoying the sunshine. We found some of our favorite shots of our favorite Bachelor ladies, doing what they do best -- looking amazing. 

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We admit it, we follow all the cast members from all the seasons of the Bachelor Nation shows. Men, women -- we love peeping in at the lives of our favorite TV show cast. And while the men are certainly no slouches, we have recently become mesmerized by the women of the Bachelor shows. Their bikini shots have totally taken over Instagram, and they're giving me some major inspiration to hit the mall and find the perfect swimsuit. And, um, also a little jealousy, because these ladies look good.

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Need a little motivation to get those veggies in and crank those sit-ups out? Flip through these photos at some of these incredible bodies. They ought to do it for most of us.

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