Jenelle Evans' Custody Drama Over Jace Keeps Getting Worse (VIDEO)

On this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, we'll finally get to see Nathan Griffith propose to Jenelle Evans in St. Thomas, and apparently there was drama even just getting there. Jenelle's mom Barbara Evans wouldn't let her say good-bye to Jace, whom Barbara has custody of.


Last week we saw how unhappy Babs was that Jenelle was even taking a vacation in the Virgin Islands, and Barbara was more than a little miffed that Nate's mom would be watching Jenelle's baby son Kaiser.

Apparently she decided to punish Jenelle by denying her access to Jace. Barbara has had custody of the little boy since Jenelle was a teenager and unwilling to care for him. Now that her life is straightened out, she's been trying to get custody back, but her mom has been reluctant to give him up.

This isn't going to help her case. In this sneak peek for Thursday night's episode, Jenelle is trying to get in touch with her son to say good-bye before she leaves for the tropics.

"I really wanna see Jace before we leave for vacation," Jenelle says to the camera. "I've been calling my mom all afternoon to see if she'd let me but she's ignoring me."

"Your mom uses Jace to control you," Nathan claims. "It just shows what type of person she is. That's your son, she needs to stop using your son against you to control you."

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I have to agree with Nathan on this one. Babs eventually picks up the phone and hangs up on Jenelle and turns her phone off. "She shut off her f--king phone," Jenelle tearfully laments. "Why won't she let me talk to my son, what did I do?"

Ugh, as if our heartstrings weren't tugged enough, Jenelle collapses into a fit of tears, sobbing, "I don't know what he's doing, I don't know what he's up to, he doesn't know why I'm not calling him, he doesn't know why I'm not picking him up, nothing. I'm leaving for a f--king week, why can't I see my son?"

Hopefully Barbara softened and let Jenelle see Jace before he left!


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