Ben Higgins Is All but Confirmed as ABC's Next 'Bachelor'

We're still waiting to hear if Kaitlyn Bristowe gets her happy ending, but I know I've got mine: Ben Higgins is confirmed to be the next Bachelor. Well, probably almost definitely 100 percent confirmed to be the next Bachelor, according to E!.


E! says that "multiple sources" are reporting it, and it sounds like this is as close as we're gonna get to a confirmation until after Kaitlyn's final rose. But GUYS. This is the BEST POSSIBLE NEWS.

Ben H. (I KNOW we can start calling him Ben now, but he's forever Ben H. in my heart), a.k.a. the software salesman from Denver, is sweet and nice and fun and outdoorsy and looks great in sweaters and is ready to commit and sacrifice for a marriage. And he's also hot. Very hot. Did I mention the sweaters?

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If this rumor is as true as everyone seems to think it is, he'd be the youngest bachelor in the show's history. He's only 26, so maybe he'd breathe new life into the mansion.

And if Ben is young, that means that the contestants will probably be young, which means a whole new brand of crazy. And that makes me very happy.

Let's all stop for a minute and appreciate some fine photos of Mr. Higgins, whose name definitely doesn't at all sound like a Dr. Seuss character:


Sitting in an office thinking about getting outside and kissing a fish. #fishingseason

A photo posted by Ben Higgins (@higgins.ben) on

So, yes. Ben H. for Bachelor. 


Image via higgins.ben/Instagram

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