Netflix’s Sexist ‘Day Without Sports’ Sends Us Back to the Stone Age

couple watching tvHey everybody, on July 15 we all take a step backward in time thanks to Netflix. Apparently it's the Day Without Sports, the day when there are no sports on television (except Cricket and the Tour de France, but I guess those don't count?). So Jezebel reports a PR company is helping Netflix capitalize on the Day Without Sports in a head-spinningly sexist way.


Did you know? Netflix has streaming content men and women will enjoy watching together! It sounds reasonable enough until you hear how the PR company put it. I guess they think once you cohabit with a member of the opposite sex you both hop into a time machine to ye olden times of strict gender roles.

Happy Monday! Netflix wanted to share a couple fun lists, in anticipation of July 15th: That one day a year that sports enthusiasts fear most … The Day Without Sports. On this day, fans will see no professional sports on television as a part of the MLB All-Star break. Men be warned: girlfriends and wives around the U.S. are going to take "no sports on TV" as an invitation to gain some serious TV power -- whether by recommending a favorite rom-com or multiple episodes from a favorite drama series. And, women be empowered! Sports will not be there to save him this time.

What the -- I guess women don't watch sports on TV. And men and women don't like watching the same shows of movies, ever. THIS is the TV of the future, Netflix?!? Way to lead -- by throwing us back into the past. I mean, how do they think couples live, anyway?

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i love lucy

They probably think this is how we serve dinner.


And we're still driving around in one of these.


Women -- watching sports on TV? Oh my, even pool is too hard for the ladies. Ooops!

the honeymooners

"For the men," the email continues, "Netflix has put together a list of content that will help you and your girlfriend compromise on your entertainment." Aww, but girls don't wike to comprowmise!

i dream of genie

"For the women, this is your day, ladies. Get him hooked on some of your favorite TV shows or get him to finally watch that romantic comedy you’ve been dying to share with him." Yeah, because those are the only kinds of movies women like -- and men hate all romantic comedies categorically.

i love lucy

Ooh, goody! I made my husband magically disappear and now it's Sex and the City and Nicholas Sparks movies forever after!

i dream of genie

Without Netlix's guidance, this is what would happen every time women reached for the remote.

i love lucy

Well thank goodness this isn't really the Stone Age!


Okay, Netflix. You go right on ahead with this twisted vision of 21st century couples' viewing habits. We'll be watching Transparent and Catastrophe on Amazon if you need us for anything.


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