Maci Bookout's 'Waist Training' Pic Has Us a Little Worried About Her (PHOTO)

Maci Bookout waist trainingCould this be a case of peer pressure or just a chance to make a few quick extra bucks? Either way, Teen Mom OG's Maci Bookout is the latest star to try waist training, and her newest photo on Instagram has us seriously concerned about her.


Now, we all know the young mom gave birth to her second child, daughter Jayde, just two months ago, so maybe she's not feeling her fittest. But, in our opinion, Maci looks amazing. No waist training required. Take a look:

It seems like there's hardly any waist to train, amirite? She's super-tiny to begin with. But the fact that she's plugging that promo code in her caption makes us wonder if maybe she's just doing it to sock away a few extra dollars. Can't blame a mom of two for that! Not with the price of diapers and just about everything else. 

Still, Maci has tons of fans who look up to her, and while she usually sends out really thoughtful and empowering messages, we're just not sure about this one.

Sure, plenty of celebs are doing it, but wearing a corset for hours to compress your core -- especially when you're already this thin -- doesn't seem like a great idea. 

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Let's hope Maci realizes she's perfect just as she is and hangs up this restrictive device quickly!

Do you think Maci needs waist training? 

Images via macideshanebookout/Instagram



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