Javi Marroquin Gets Hot New Tattoo of a Woman: Who Is She? (PHOTO)

Teen Mom 2's Javi Marroquin is super into tattoos and is constantly showing off his impressive body ink. At the NY Empire State Tattoo Expo in New York City recently, he sat with famed tattoo artist Rick Reyes to get an arm sleeve tattoo of a very sexy woman who might just be Kailyn.


Marroquin has several tattoos on his body, many of which reflect his personal life and the people who are most important to him. He has images of his sons, Lincoln Marshall Marroquin and Isaac Rivera, as well as a clock on his arm that reads "10:05," which is the day he and Kailyn met.

His latest tat is definitely different -- way sexier. It features the image of a woman with wind-swept hair and her mouth open wide.

Here's Javi sitting for the tattoo, which took hours to complete:

�� #Inkfatuation @javim9 @rick_reyes

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And here's the final product -- unless, of course, he decides to go back and add color:

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Naturally, everyone wants to know whether this is an image of Kailyn. Um, I hope so? Apparently this new tat comes at a time when the couple may be experiencing a bit of a set-back in their four-year marriage. Javi has reportedly been feeling insecure about their relationship after it was discovered Kailyn had been texting with another guy -- something she claims was totally innocent.

His new tattoo could either be a tribute to his wife, an attempt to make her jealous (doubt it), or simply an image of a beautiful woman -- little more than art.


Image via kaillowry/Instagram

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