Kaitlyn Bristowe & Her Final Pick May Have Already Called It Quits (SPOILERS)

Well, that was fast. We all know that The Bachelorette's Kaitlyn Bristowe maybe, probably picked Shawn Booth on the show's final episode. Now we hear Kaitlyn and Shawn have already broken up, their wedding has been officially cancelled, and producers are scrambling to figure out how to keep at least some part of the finale a mystery.


Season 11 of The Bachelorette will probably go down in history as the most-talked-about, but least-secretive-and-surprising, season in the show's history. For one thing, Kaitlyn has been out in the open about everything -- from having sex with contestant Nick Viall to admitting she thinks Ben Higgins would be a fantastic choice for the next Bachelor, unknowingly giving away the fact that she probably doesn't wind up choosing Ben in the finale (something we could have guessed, given the juicy rivalry between Shawn and Nick).

The latest rumor is that Kaitlyn indeed chose Shawn over Nick -- something she kind of let out of the bag when she posted a SnapChat video showing her in bed with a shirtless Shawn. But it seems the man who ultimately won her heart couldn't handle watching his fiancée have sex with Nick when the show aired. (Not that he actually watched them have sex, but you get the point.)

From the moment Kaitlyn told Shawn she had slept with Nick, he was super uncomfortable with the whole thing. It isn't a total shock that his jealousy got the best of him and resulted in their demise, but it is a bit immature. I mean, now that you're engaged, she will no longer be sleeping with any other dude -- the past is the past; get over it.

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But a source close to the couple reportedly told Celeb Dirty Laundry the two were acting more like jealous high school lovers than adults. Shawn believed Kaitlyn was still having sex with Nick, and Kaitlyn thought Shawn was purposely going out and having sex with other women to get back at her. Major eye roll -- such a waste of precious time they could have been spending focusing on each other.

Anyway, if this is all true, there was no shot of them working out their issues and moving forward. It sounds like envy and mistrust killed any hope of a future together. Maybe it's for the best. If Shawn can't accept that Kaitlyn had a sex life before him, his expectations of her are too unrealistic. But, in his defense, if she really felt like she had a connection with him, why the hell risk it by sleeping with Viall? Nobody wants to be anyone else's second choice.


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