Jenelle Evans' Bikini Bottoms Are So Tiny You'll Blush at the Sight of Them (PHOTO)

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Oh, Jenelle Evans, we get it -- it's summer, you love the beach, you got your post-baby body back (and then some), and you just love to flaunt it. But, as with most everything in her life, Jenelle has taken things just a little too far with her latest bikini shot on Instagram.


Like it made me blush a little -- especially since I work from home and my father-in-law was sitting right next to me as I opened it. Are you ready?

The Victoria � @betweenseasons

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Could this be more barely-there if she tried? But as sexy and over the top as this bikini is, I say to Jenelle, "Good for you!"

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She's had two kids and she is one of the lucky ones whose body shows no sign of childbearing! I can hear Jenelle's mom going berserk over this suit (I imagine her shrieking something like, "Jenelle, ah-ya kidding me? Why didn't you just go naked?"). But you know what? She's young, she looks great, and it's good to know that with all Jenelle has been through, her confidence hasn't waned at all!

Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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