Farrah Abraham Shows Off Beauty Treatment That's Just Horrifying (VIDEO)

Ack! What the heck is going on with Farrah Abraham's face? The Teen Mom OG star posted a video to social media over the weekend, and we're scared -- very scared. It has nothing to do with what she looks like, and everything to do with the weird beauty mask Farrah's wearing.


Check out the video that Farrah posted to Twitter on Sunday, July 12, and try not to be terrified of the amount of product on her face.

In addition to the light-blue facial mask, Farrah also appears to be wearing some sort of goldish stuff around her mouth, and some pads under her eyes. There also looks to be a black piece covering her nose, but I'm assuming she can still breathe, since she's telling the camera, "Being beautiful," as she tilts her face from left to right. 

Whatever the heck this is -- it isn't beautiful. What's next -- is she going to show us what it looks like to have your eyebrows waxed?

I have no idea what's going on with this particular beauty regimen, but leave it to Farrah to share it with the world. That girl has no qualms sharing things that should be kept private, like her private parts, or now apparently her beauty rituals.

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Hasn't Farrah ever learned the mysterious art of being a woman? It involves not posting totally bizarre videos like this online. What the heck does she even need it for? Girlfriend just turned 24 in May -- she has a while to go before she needs to worry about wrinkles. And even then, I doubt she'll skimp on the Botox.


Image via Ralph Notaro/Splash News

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