Farrah Abraham's Daughter Pockets $100 Bills From Tooth Fairy -- Don't We Feel Cheap (PHOTO)

Farrah Abraham tooth fairyIf your kids find out what the tooth fairy left for Farrah Abraham's daughter, Sophia, they're going to want to move into her neighborhood! Now, we get it, losing two teeth -- especially the front pair as Sophia did -- is a big deal, but still. You might want to sit down before you read what the 6-year-old found under her pillow!


From this photo, it looks like Sophia ended up with a big, ole stack of Benjamins! There's at least $500 there! Take a look: 

Now, we've all been there. Your child loses a tooth unexpectedly and all you have in your wallet is a $20. Or, it happens during a blizzard and all you've got is a handful of quarters or the wrapped present you were saving for your nephew's birthday. What can you do? Especially if it's a first tooth, you want to create a great memory! 

But, I think I can speak for most moms when I say that it never crossed my mind to pile more than your average car payment beneath my sleeping child's head! Also, we have to ask: Does this much cash really have any significance for this little girl?

If Farrah really wanted to spoil her (and who can blame her, Sophia's adorable!), why not get her a special doll or present with, oh, let's say, one-tenth of that amount? Or, leave a pair of tickets to a special event they can enjoy together? 

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We know the Teen Mom OG star is one hard-working mama with her fingers in plenty of pies, but just because she can afford to give her daughter hundreds of dollars, that doesn't necessarily make it the best choice. 

Also, once you've coughed up this kind of cash, you'd better be ready to hit the ATM hard before the next couple of teeth fall out!

Images via David Acosta/Image Press/Splash News; @F1abraham/Twitter

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