15 Pics of the 'Teen Mom' Dads That Are Just Too Hot to Resist

Lauren Brown | Jul 27, 2015 TV
15 Pics of the 'Teen Mom' Dads That Are Just Too Hot to Resist

Tyler BaltierraMmm, mmm, mmm -- even though the dads on Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 can be so frustrating at times, it's hard to deny that in certain instances, like when they're spending time with their kids for example, they can be pretty darn cute. Maybe even hot? Why yes, hot is definitely a way to describe these guys -- especially when they're on their best behavior (or flexing for a selfie). 

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When they are actually treating their baby mamas with respect or being good fathers, it definitely makes them look way more attractive! So we're paying homage with photos of them that made us do a double take and understand why their ladies simply can't resist them. I mean, there had to be some reason why these ladies stick around, right?!

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Of course the Teen Mom couples have had their ups and downs, and we're not saying that good looks are everything in a relationship AT ALL, but seeing these guys be their best selves can definitely catch some attention. 

Here are 15 smoking hot pictures of the dads of Teen Mom.

Image via TylerBaltierraMTV/Instagram

  • Cole DeBoer


    Image via ChelseaHouska/Instagram

    So while Chelsea Houska's boyfriend Cole DeBoer isn't a dad (yet!), he does spend most of his time with Chelsea and Aubree. And is it not the cutest thing ever that Aubree calls Cole her boyfriend too? Chelsea found a good guy here -- and a good-looking one to boot!

  • Tyler Baltierra


    Image via tylerbaltierramtv/Instagram

    Let's just be real for a second. There is no Teen Dad cuter than Tyler Baltierra! With his baby face and hot body coupled with the way he is just the most attentive and hands-on dad to baby Novalee with Catelynn Lowell? We are melting just thinking about it!

  • Jeremy Calvert


    Image via leahdawncalvert/Instagram

    It's been a tumultuous time for Jeremy and Leah Calvert as their marriage crumbles. But during happier times, Jeremy was pretty adorable -- especially since baby Adalynn looks just like him!

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  • Corey Simms


    Image via Twitter

    You just have to love Corey Simms for the way he mumbles, his big grizzly beard, and hi "aw shucks" manner of being. Plus he's a great dad to twins Aliannah and Aleeah!

  • Nathan Griffith


    Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

    Yes, Nathan Griffith has quite the temper on him and he's not at all attractrive when he's screaming at Jenelle Evans. BUT, his cunning grin, piercing eyes, and chiseled body make you understand why Jenelle fell for him in the first place!

  • Javi Marroquin


    Image via kaillowry/Instagram

    Hands down, Kailyn Lowry's husband Javi Marroquin just seems like one of the nicest dads in the Teen Mom franchise -- and that alone makes him super attractive in addition to his tattoos and toned body!

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  • Tyler and Novalee


    Image via tylerbaltierramtv/Instagram

    I mean, is there anything more attractive than a daddy with his daughter?

  • Jo Rivera


    Image via Jo Rivera/Twitter

    Jo Rivera, dad to Isaac with Kailyn Lowry and soon-to-be dad to a child with girlfriend Vee Torres, has never been shy about his rap-star aspirations. And it absolutely makes him way more attractive!

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  • Josh McKee


    Image via mackenzietaymckee/Instagram

    We know that Mackenzie Douthit and her husband Josh McKee LOVE to work out together -- and the six-pack on Josh proves just how dedicated he is to staying in shape!

  • Ryan Edwards


    Image via MTV

    Ryan Edwards, dad to Bentley and ex to Maci Bookout, isn't, shall we say, the sharpest tool in the shed? But he sure is nice to look at!

  • Taylor McKinney


    Image via macideshanebookout/Instagram

    Maci Bookout sure knows how to pick super-hot baby daddies! Taylor McKinney, her fiancé and father to baby Jayde, is hot in a punk-rock kind of way.

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  • Nathan and Kaiser


    Image via GroundLevelUp/Twitter

    Um ... can we melt now?

  • Cole's Rock-Hard Bod


    Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

    Sure, Chelsea's bikini body is bangin', but it's hard for us to keep our eyes off her gorgeous hunk of a man!

  • Javi Looking Fit


    Image via javim9/Instagram

    Wow ... in addition to being an amazing dad, Javi has a pretty amazing physique, don't you think?

  • Josh's Six-Pack


    Image via mackenzietaymckee/Instagram

    Mackenzie has incredible abs too, but we can't help but stare at Josh's super-sexy six-pack. (Lucky gal.)

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