'Teen Mom 2' Sneak Peek: Leah Calvert Gets Her Drug Test Results (VIDEO)

On this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, a judge ordered Leah Calvert to take a drug test, and let her know that he would change her status as the custodial parent to twins Ali and Aleeah if it came back positive. In this sneak peek for next week's episode, Leah gets her results back, and honestly, we didn't know exactly what to expect.


But it's super-good news for the mom of three, who met with her lawyer to hear the results. Keep in mind that rumors of substance abuse have surrounded Leah for months, which is one of the reasons Corey Simms and his wife Miranda sued her for more custody.

Leah was scanned for everything from codeine to heroin on a five-panel drug test, and it came back totally clean! Her lawyer told her, "None of the drugs listed were even detected at all in your system."


We couldn't be happier for Leah! "I knew it would come back negative; I guess it was just aggravating that they pushed so hard," she lamented. "I just think they're trying to dig and dig and dig to find something wrong. They're not gonna find anything."

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Well done, Leah! The reality star has had a rough year. She even spent time in rehab last month for stress and depression following her divorce from Jeremy Calvert. The last thing she needs to be dealing with -- on top of everything else -- is breaking a substance abuse addiction.

Are you surprised by Leah's drug test results?


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