Chelsea Houska's Boyfriend Cole DeBoer Handles Meeting Adam Lind Like a Boss (VIDEO)

Well this is a situation that could have gone a lot worse! In this sneak peek for next week's Teen Mom 2, Cole DeBoer and Adam Lind finally meet face-to-face, and even though Chelsea Houska seemed to be in fight-or-flight mode, the guys handled it like gentlemen.


Yup, even Teen Mom 2's resident bad boy! I know, we were delightfully surprised, too. Anyway, Chelsea and Cole were attending her daughter Aubree's Christmas pageant at her school when Lind decided to step up to the parenting plate and attend the shindig.

Adam's been a notoriously absent father for Aubree, but as we saw in Thursday night's episode, he's planning on trying for joint custody, so maybe he really does want to play a bigger role in his daughter's life. Hey, stranger things have happened.

So Chelsea's new boyfriend finally got to meet her ex-boyfriend and co-parent. Take a look to watch how it all went down:

Can you believe how calm and polite they were to each other? I mean, we sort of expected that from Cole, because he's basically perfect, but he doesn't even seem the slightest bit nervous. Chels, on the other hand, looks like she's about two seconds away from a panic attack, but she manages to hold it together when she sees that the guys treat meeting each other like it's no big thing.

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Which is good, because if they're both going to be in Aubree's life, then they're going to have to get along, or at least put on a good face. It sucks, but that's the nature of co-parenting, and it really is what's best for the kiddos.

Congrats to Cole and Adam for making it through their first awkward meeting! Be glad that's over.

Do you think these three handled it well?


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