Kailyn Lowry Takes to Twitter to Deny Cheating Allegations

If you caught the Teen Mom 2 premiere on Thursday night, you probably already know that Kailyn Lowry is in some hot water at home. Her husband, Javi Marroquin, accused Kailyn of cheating when he saw what totally could've been an innocent text from a classmate, and the situation escalated from there. So what does Kailyn have to say about the incident?


The 23-year-old quickly headed to Twitter after the episode to fill fans in on what's actually going on -- and she insists, as she has in the past, that all is well between the two of them now.

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As long as Kailyn's telling the truth, it does sound like their relationship is on a much more solid ground — and honestly, sometimes arguments over ridiculous things are a good way to clear the air about bigger issues that might be going on between them. It's a bummer that there was such an issue of trust between them, but fingers crossed that Kailyn's right and everything's good! 

Here's hoping the rest of this season of Teen Mom 2 is less eventful for Kailyn and Javi -- at least, for the sake of Isaac and Lincoln! 

Do you think everything's cool between Kailyn and Javi, or is this just a sign of bigger problems to come?

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