'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Custody Wars, Marital Woes, & Jealousy Abound

Well, we were promised a dramatic season for the latest installment of Teen Mom 2, and after watching the premiere tonight, it looks like we're going to get it. Holy cow, it looks like Chelsea Houska, Leah Calvert, Jenelle Evans, and Kailyn Lowry are all dealing with some pretty significant issues in their lives involving their relationships and their children.


Most of the ladies are dealing with pretty significant custody issues this season.

Jenelle still hasn't gotten custody of Jace back from her mom Barbara Evans, which is rubbing her the wrong way. Over the past year and a half, she's gotten back into school, had a baby that she's taken care of, and established a home with boyfriend Nathan Griffith.

She only gets Jace every other weekend and doesn't want to take her mom to court to regain custody, but she hires a lawyer just in case it comes to that.

Meanwhile, Nathan surprises her for her birthday with a beautiful vanity and tickets to St. Thomas. "I just want a stress-free little vacation," she said. Too bad it didn't actually end up like that ...

Over in South Dakota, Chelsea Houska's boyfriend Cole DeBoer makes his Teen Mom 2 debut, and we fell in love with him instantly. Five-year-old Aubree insists that he's her boyfriend, too, and even Chelsea's dad Randy agrees she "found a good one."

But not everything is hunky-dory, as Chels gets notice that Aubree's dad Adam Lind is planning to file for joint custody. Randy's response is pretty perfect -- "How can he have joint custody if he doens't even have a driver's license?" He's also five months behind on child support, in case you were wondering.

Currently, Adam only has supervised visitation with Aubree every other weekend at his parents' house. Chels decides to give Taylor Halbur a call, since she also shares a daughter -- 22-month-old Paislee --with Lind. She revealed that she had also been given notice that Adam was planning to go for joint custody, and the ladies call a truce and plan to work together to keep their daughters safe.

Taylor also apologized to Chels for thinking that she was the bad guy not letting Adam see Aubree more, because she's on the same side as her now and can see the truth. She said she was sucked into Adam's manipulations, and Chelsea said she knew all too well how easily that could happen.

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Leah Calvert and Corey Simms headed back to court over custody of their twins Ali and Aleeah Grace. Corey was worried that Leah wasn't taking proper care of them, as she had missed a few of Ali's therapy appointments for her muscular dystrophy and they had some tardies at school. 

Leah tried to talk to her husband Jeremy about it, as well as the problems in their marriage, but he seemed largely disinterested. It was pretty clear that these two were on the outs for awhile before he filed for divorces a few months after this was filmed.

Leah has her day in court, and while Corey and his wife Miranda get to spend more time with the girls in the way of pick-ups and taking Ali to therapy, it wasn't the full custody they wanted. Later, Corey suggested that they go to joint custody, with the girls spending one week with one parent, and the next with the other.

Kailyn Lowry was the only one of the four who wasn't battling an ex over custody, but she had her own set of problems in form of a very jealous Javi Marroquin. Her hubs was apparently super upset that Kail has guys friends from school, and one of them texted her "good morning" and asked if she were going to class. Gasp!

Anyway, Javi said he couldn't trust Kail unless he knew all the pass codes to her phone, so he refused to to pick Isaac up at school and take him to Jo Rivera's, so that Kail could go out with her girlfriends to a concert, even though he had promised to the night before. Kail told him that she didn't want to give up every shred of her privacy just because he was insecure.

Things seem to be all right between the two now, but no wonder rumors were flying that they were on the rocks around the time this was filming! Because they were totally on the rocks.

What did you think of tonight's episode?


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