Witney Carson Confirms She Has a Boyfriend in New Instagram Photos

Poor Chris Soules has the worst luck when it comes to girls -- after his split from Bachelor winner Whitney Bischoff, we were all sure that that meant he was in it with his Dancing with The Stars partner, Witney Carson. I mean, c'mon. They're both so hot, they had great chemistry, and the timing was right. But alas, it was not meant to be: Witney has another boyfriend and, SURPRISE, he is also hot.


Witney and Chris's chemistry was so steamy on DWTS that rumors were swirling about the two before Chris and Whitney B. even broke up (because really, we all knew that was coming from a mile away).

But as great as the two were, Witney is only 21, which makes her a solid 12 years younger than Chris. Plus, her career is just taking off and Chris has a lot of corn to take care of, so logistically, that relationship never would have worked.

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Not that that bothers Witney -- according to her Instagram, she reconnected with Carson Mcallister, a guy she knew back in high school. The two have been flooding Instagram with pictures of their cuteness (Chris, if you're reading this, stop looking now):

Happy 22nd birthday @carson.mcallister!So glad I was able to spend this special day with you. Xx

A photo posted by Witney Carson (@witneycarson) on

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What a beautiful summer day, spending it celebrating love � #CusickWedding

A photo posted by Witney Carson (@witneycarson) on

Sand dunes �

A photo posted by Witney Carson (@witneycarson) on

"Love this cutie"? Emoji hearts? "Xx"? They're dating, guys. Don't try to argue your way around this one.

Mostly, we're just happy that Witney is happy. As for Chris, he is THE bachelor -- how long can he really be single?? He'll find someone eventually, we're sure of it. In the meantime, he'll always have his tractors to keep him company. We'll heart emoji to that.

Do you this Wit and Chris should be together, or do you like her new boyfriend?


Image via carson.mcallister/Instagram

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