New Details About Mackenzie Douthit's Alleged Sex Tape Have Our Heads Spinning

Mackenzie Douhit sex tape scandalLooks like one Teen Mom's sex tape scandal could be causing her family to implode. Rumor has it Mackenzie Douthit has been out in Los Angeles trying to stop Vivid Entertainment from releasing the purported video and, naturally, that's causing plenty of problems back home! Supposedly, Mackenzie's husband, Josh McKee, has moved out and left the family over the alleged sex tape.


While we'd hate to think that any of this is true, this tweet certainly has us worried for the young mom.

Yikes! While Gannon and Jaxie's mama has vehemently denied that she'd follow in porn star and sex-toy maker Farrah Abraham's footsteps, this whole situation sort of begs the question: If there is no sex tape, why were you meeting with the CEO of an adult entertainment company??

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And if a tape exists, it seems most likely that Josh would be her "costar," if you will. Still, if it were made in the privacy of the couple's own bedroom, we can certainly understand Josh being upset with it possibly being released. 

Only time will tell how it'll all play out, but for the kids' sake we really hope these two can get past this whole scandal somehow!

Do you believe Mackenzie has a sex tape, and if so, who do you think her partner is?

Image via mackenzietaymckee/Instagram

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