15 'Bachelor' & 'Bachelorette' Stars Who Brought a New Level of Crazy to the Show

Nicole Pomarico | Jul 15, 2015 TV
15 'Bachelor' & 'Bachelorette' Stars Who Brought a New Level of Crazy to the Show

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Since The Bachelor premiered over a decade ago (can anyone believe it's been that long?!), host Chris Harrison has introduced us to quite an interesting group of people, between contestants and leading men and ladies. While most of the people who go on the show tend to be relatively normal folks who are genuinely looking for love, it's not always that way, and sometimes, we run into some pretty crazy people. 

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For those who have been keeping up with all the latest episodes, they'll know that the newest season has been providing plenty of fascinating contestants we'll never forget. And through the history of the franchise? Multiply that by about 100. While some contestants are simply "misguided," others are are truly, truly loco. And while that makes for good TV, it has us wondering if anyone else has noticed that some of our favorite love-to-hate them contestants are actually bringing the show to a whole new level of drama. 

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Here are some of the most insane contestants Bachelor Nation has ever seen. Take a walk down memory lane with me, and repeat after me: The Bachelor would never be entertaining without these guys.

Image via kelseylynpoe/Instagram

  • Ashley Salter


    Image via absalt/Instagram

    Better known as Onion Girl, Ashley Salter started off Chris Soules's season of The Bachelor with a bang when she ranted about pomegranates and the Mesa Verde. And in the interest of full disclosure? I loved every minute of it. 

  • Kasey Kahl


    Image via KaseyRKahl/Twitter

    For all eternity, every time you hear the words "guard and protect your heart," you will think of Kasey Kahl and his Bachelorette rants.

  • Kelsey Poe


    Image via kelseylynpoe/Instagram

    Between her almost definitely fake fainting episode, the way she constantly bashed the other women in the house for being less intelligent than her, and her final showdown with Ashley Iaconetti, it's hard to pinpoint what Kelsey's craziest moment was. Oh, right ... when she went on and on about how amazing her story is.

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  • Tierra LiCausi


    Image via tierra_licausi/Instagram

    On Sean Lowe's season of The Bachelor, Tierra was best known for her pseudo-dramatic moments, including as many tears as she could squeeze out of her eyes, real or not. And, you know, the constant gloating over contestants didn't exactly help her case.

  • Ryan McDill


    Image via ryan_mcdill/Instagram

    Being that the Bach mansion is stocked to the brim with alcohol, it's easy to get a little drunker than you would in the real world. But Ryan McDill took that to the next level early on in Kaitlyn's season -- so much that Kaitlyn wasted no time in kicking him out.

  • Vienna Girardi


    Image via viennag/Instagram

    Vienna Girardi stopped at nothing to get Jake Pavelka's attention on The Bachelor ... only to dump him later. And in the process, she became one of the show's most unforgettable villains.

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  • Courtney Robertson


    Image via bugrobertson/Instagram

    Speaking of villains, that term definitely applies to Courtney Robertson, too, who certainly was not on The Bachelor to make friends, as her book title would insinuate. 

  • Juan Pablo Galavis


    Image via juanpagalavis/Instagram

    Famous for his "ees okay" tagline, JP caused multiple women to walk off the show, including Clare Crawley, who wasn't impressed with his crass confession that although he didn't love her, he did love having sex with her.

  • Clint Arlis


    Image via turtleconvertible/Instagram

    Clint got so caught up in his love affair/bromance with JJ Lane that it ended up being the reason he got booted off the show. Did he really think he could pretend to have feelings for Kaitlyn when he really just wanted to hang around longer to chill with JJ and get away with it?

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  • Michelle Money


    Image via michellemoney/Instagram

    Michelle Money, who still recaps The Bachelor every week, is definitely unforgettable. Who still remembers that time she lost it on Brad Womack? Oh wait, that was more than one time.

  • Ian Thomson


    Image via Felicia Graham/ABC

    In the not so distant past, Ian went off on Kaitlyn on The Bachelorette, telling her she was too shallow and that he's so awesome, he should be choosing from 25 women. And by the way, fart jokes? Totally not his thing.

  • Rozlyn Papa


    Image via rozlynpapa/Twitter

    Rozlyn famously may or may not have hooked up with one of the powers-that-be at The Bachelor during her time on Jake Pavelka's season ... not that you'd ever forget that tidbit. Awkward! 

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  • Madison McKinley


    Image via madmckinley/Instagram

    Three words: She wore fangs.

  • Erica Rose


    Image via ericatherose/Instagram

    Anyone who wears a tiara and refers to herself as a "reality show princess" is probably on the nuttier side ... Even if Erica is kind of a sweetheart these days, her Bachelor days did not serve her well.

  • Wes Hayden


    Image via theweshayden/Instagram

    On Jillian Harris's season of The Bachelorette, Wes was the guy who legitimately went on the show having a girlfriend back home -- and bragged about it. Not cool, Wes.

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