Jenelle Evans & Kids Involved In Crazy Car Accident

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans seems to inspire strong feelings in viewers -- either you love her or you hate her. But while most people understand she's just a reality TV star and, at the end of the day, a really young mom, others apparently take their negative thoughts about her to crazy levels. Evans and her two kids were in a car accident recently, and the 23-year-old says an angry fan of the show is to blame for it.


Jenelle decided to use Twitter to clear up a few rumors after fans say they heard the police were called on her and that she and Nathan were spotted arguing in the Myrtle Waves parking lot. According to Jenelle, an unidentified Teen Mom fan recognized her while she was at the water park and began harassing her. She says the person followed her into the parking lot and actually hit her car on purpose while she and her children were inside. If this is true, it's absolutely bananas, of course.

In an interview with Starcasm, Jenelle gave details about the car accident

[He] wouldn't move over at left turn at an intersection, so I passed the van and made it to the left turn light. We made the left turn at the intersection and he followed me into Myrtle Waves with his entire family in a black Mercedes van and he was tailgating me. I jumped out and said, 'You hit me! My kids are in the car!' He's like, 'You cut me off.' Then I'm like, 'Oh, so that gives you the right to hit me?'

Jenelle doesn't go into detail about what she might have said to escalate the fight (shocking), but she claims the man told her she deserves to die and that his wife almost hit her.

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Police reportedly decided the man couldn't be held at fault for the incident because it occurred on private property and no one was hurt. At the end of the day, Jenelle's and the man's insurance companies will handle the damage.

I guess Jenelle felt compelled to spill the details of this incident because so many of the show's fans accused her of lying and said a lot of other not-so-nice things about her on Twitter. She would be better off keeping her private life private and letting people talk -- any time she tries to defend her actions or things that happen to her in life, she doesn't exactly succeed in making more friends or allies.

What do you think about Jenelle's car accident? Should she speak about it?


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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