Jenelle Evans Defends Letting Her Dog Play With Lit Fireworks (VIDEO)

Oyza. Jenelle Evans let her dog play with a firework over the Fourth of July weekend, and the Internet is understandably freaking out. She posted the video of her pooch Jax playing with a lit firework, but deleted after people called her out for telling the dog to fetch the explosive.


In a video chat with TMZ, Jenelle said that it was all a misunderstanding, and that she hadn't instructed her pet to "fetch" the firework. He just kept bumping into them and trying to get them, you know, like they show on America's Funniest Home Videos.

I love the interviewer's response -- "Uh, I wouldn't use America's Funniest Home Videos as your reference."

Anyway, she wasn't instructing Jax to fetch the firework, or giving it to him, he was just knocking over the display with his nose over and over, even though she specifically instructed him not to. When asked why she kept lighting the fireworks even though the dog was trying to get them, she said that it was for the same reason she'd still have a campfire if she took Jax camping.

TMZ pointed out that the dog wouldn't try to bite the campfire, but Jenelle was still on the defensive, claiming that her fame caused people to harshly judge her. She said she'll do the same thing next year, and she's only sorry that people are offended, not that she put her dog in danger.

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Wow, this is so not OK in my book. A man in Maine died on the spot over the weekend when he was goofing off with fireworks, and Jenelle is lucky that Jax didn't get hurt. They may be fun, but at the end of the day, they are explosives, not toys.

I just hope that Jenelle wouldn't feel the same way if Jace or Kaiser kept reaching for fireworks. Here's to hoping that she'd remove them from the situation, instead of filming it and calling it funny.

Do you think people overreacted to Jenelle's firework stunt?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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