Nick & Shawn's 'Bachelorette' Showdown Was Even Worse Than We Expected

If Chris Harrison can keep an all-out bachelor brawl from breaking out on this season's The Bachelorette, it will be the accomplishment of his career — because things are certainly headed in that direction. On Monday night's show, Kaitlyn Bristowe reveals to Shawn Booth that she slept with Nick Viall and all hell breaks lose when Shawn decides to confront his competition.


There was a lot of smooching and a whole lotta love on the latest show -- and that's part of the problem here. Bristowe seems to be falling hard and fast for at least three bachelors (Shawn, Nick, and Ben), and they are eagerly returning her affections and then some. To the 30-year-old dancer's credit, she realized it wasn't fair to lead Shawn on and not make him aware of her intimate relationship with Nick, so she let the cat out of the bag on one of their dates and admitted to having sex with Nick.

Shawn took a moment and asked her if she regretted sleeping with Nick, to which she replied, "I felt guilt." So, um, NO, she doesn't regret it (nor should she).

The personal trainer excused himself to go to the bathroom and, when he returned, told her he would "man up and deal with it." But Shawn is a sweet, sensitive type, and we knew he couldn't just move past this without reflecting on it some more. His true feelings came out during the rose ceremony, when he asked Kaitlyn if he could speak to her in private after she offered him a rose. Understandably, he wanted to know why she had told him he was "the one" early on in the show if she was planning on becoming physical with someone else. Her response: "I had no business doing that when I had other relationships to explore."

Say what you will about Kaitlyn -- at the very least, she is trying to be honest every step of the way here.

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Shawn accepted the rose because he's totally gaga for Kaitlyn, but he's also obviously really hurt and pissed off about this turn of events because he decided to do the one thing he shouldn't: confront Nick. Pure ego. Pure emotion. Nothing good was bound to come out of that.

Reeling from the fact that Kaitlyn and Nick were enjoying a Fantasy Suite date, Shawn somehow found out Nick's room number and held nothing back, telling him, "I think you're an a--hole. I don't think you're here just for Kaitlyn." He went on to accuse Nick of simply wanting to improve the bad rep he got on the previous season.

We have yet to hear Nick's response, so stay tuned for even more nonsense that doesn't matter.

Because, seriously, none of this amounts to a hill of beans when Ben Higgins (a.k.a. the next Bachelor, I predict) is around.

What did you think about Shawn's reaction to Kaitlyn's confession and his confrontation with Nick?


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