A Look Inside the 'Bachelor' Mansion -- Who Wouldn't Want to Live There? (PHOTOS)

Nicole Pomarico | Jul 8, 2015 TV
A Look Inside the 'Bachelor' Mansion --  Who Wouldn't Want to Live There? (PHOTOS)

The contestants and the leading men and ladies may change every season, but one thing stays the same throughout Bachelor and Bachelorette history: The Bachelor mansion. ABC has used the same gorgeous California home to house the contestants on the show year after year, and through limo arrivals, boozy nights, and pool parties, they always look like they're having a blast. 

According to Zillow, the mansion — which is in Angoura Hills, CA — is valued at a cool $7 million, and boasts 10 acres and 200 years of history. Pretty impressive, no?

Always wished you could visit the home where so many people swap spit and fall hopelessly in love? Take a look at these photos to see what the contesants are working with every season, and prepare to be filled with jealousy.

Are you impressed by the Bachelor house, or does it look way cooler on TV? 

Image via chrisbharrison/Instagram

  • Another Front View


    Image via Zillow

    Could this place be any more breathtaking? Gah.

  • The Pool


    Image via Zillow

    This gorgeous pool has been the subject of many, many dramatic Bachelor scenes... and many drunken nights. It looks so perfect for taking a swim, though, right?

  • The Pool Again, Because It's That Amazing


    Image via Zillow

    And not only does this house feature this glorious pool, but it also has a hot tub — duh. It wouldn't be The Bachelor without a hot tub for plenty of steamy moments to go down, right? 

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  • The Dining Room


    Image via Zillow

    If this room looks familiar to you, it's because it's been featured on the show many, many times — usually when something crazy dramatic is going on. Has there ever been a season where none of the contestants fought? 

  • The Living Room


    Image via Zillow

    Plenty of rose ceremonies and tough discussions have happened here, but doesn't it look like a cozy place to just settle down and watch TV? 

  • The Kitchen


    Image via Zillow

    They may not use the kitchen too frequently on the show, but isn't it gorgeous? According to Zillow, it's a professional chef's kitchen — not too shabby if you're in the mood to whip up something tasty! 

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  • The Bar


    Image via Zillow

    Is it just me, or do you also have a feeling this got a ton of use during filming?

  • Another Interior Shot of The House


    Image via Zillow

    Seriously, I'm ready to move in when you are. How gorgeous are those floors?! Also important: This house has nine bathrooms. Nine

  • The Backyard


    Image via Zillow

    This patio is generally where pre-rose ceremony conversations take place — except when The Bach is filming, there's way more furniture involved for sitting and getting cozy. 

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  • The Side View


    Image via Zillow

    Can we talk about this architecture for a minute? So pretty! And that concludes our tour. Packing your bags yet? I definitely am.

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