Jenelle Evans Sets the Record Straight on Nathan Griffith -- & Those Tinder Rumors

Jenelle Evans

We're excited about the new season of Teen Mom 2, premiering July 9 -- but we were even more excited when Jenelle Evans sat down for an exclusive interview with The Stir, where she talked about everything from career plans to her conflicted feelings about using Tinder.


"Nathan and I are working things out," Jenelle was happy to report. But even when they were on the outs, Jenelle still had her hesitations about dating other people.

"I was on Tinder for about two months," she said. "There were a lot of guys on there that I could have gone and met up with. But I don’t know, I just felt like I would be cheating on [Nathan]."

We wondered what a dating app would be like for someone whose name has been splashed across headlines and whose personal life has been deconstructed by journalists and Internet trolls alike. But Jenelle was unfazed, saying this about her potential Tinder dates: "I guess since they were guys, a lot of them didn’t recognize me, and the ones who did I just didn’t talk to. They'd be like, 'You're Jenelle!' And I'd be like, delete."

And regarding those Internet trolls, Jenelle is equally undaunted. When it comes to the nasty comments people write online, the 23-year-old said, "Now I don't want to look -- I'm good. I just want to focus on me, and if they want to stay online and do that all day, that's their life, okay, fine with them. They can do that while I’m furthering my education." She added: "I'm definitely not going to mess anything up right now. Definitely."

And from what Jenelle had to say about school and life at the moment, it sounds like she's on a great track -- and only heading upward.

For one thing, she has a graduation ceremony to look forward to in late July, for her degree in medical and clinical assisting. Jenelle mentioned that she is graduating with a 3.8 GPA and with honors. She externed at an ears, nose, and throat doctor, where she assisted with minor surgeries like skin cancer removals. And, she said, she would often work longer hours than she had to: "I have a passion for the medical field," she explained, "so even when I'm at work I don't feel like I'm at work. I want to be a surgical tech -- I want to go back to school for that."

This has all certainly kept the young mom with a full plate: "I've been so busy lately that by the time 5 p.m. rolls around, I just get Kaiser and I go home and I sleep, and I get up and do the same thing five days a week." Baby Kaiser just turned 1 year old last month.

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And while Jenelle said she's considering going into cosmetic surgery or pediatrics, she might not be the only one in the family who ends up joining the medical field. Five-year-old son Jace is not only already tutoring other kids in math, but he has also taken an interest in his mother's medical textbooks. The proud mom says, "He sees all my books and stuff, and he's like, 'Mommy, I see your doctors' books in the trunk.' I'm like, 'Oh, you do?' And he says, 'Yeah, why haven't you taken me to your school yet?' He really wants to go to my school and just see everything."

Jenelle recently shared a pic on Instagram of her with sweet little Jace:

A photo posted by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans8209) on

We couldn't be happier for Jenelle -- it sounds like there are only good things to come for her, and we think she's going to achieve great things. School, work, career goals, and two beautiful children to be proud of -- it looks like Jenelle is coming out on top, and we're going to keep rooting for her.

Don't you think it's fantastic that even though Jenelle's been through so much, she seems to be doing so well?


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