Kailyn Lowry Opens Up About What's Really Going on With Her Marriage

You could say we're excited for Teen Mom 2's return to MTV this week and that would be a dramatic understatement because we're SO EXCITED about Teen Mom 2's return this week. We love all the girls, but we're especially looking forward to seeing where Kailyn Lowry's story line takes her -- she promised a dramatic season for us, but she also seems to be in a really good place now, after all the filming is over and done with. So what's going to happen?!


One thing we know for sure is that Kailyn is the definition of a busy mom these days -- the 23-year-old's got her marriage, her two kids, a new house, a business, and college classes at Delaware State to deal with. Plus, you know, the nagging camera crew following her around to film her hit TV series. So yup, adjectives like "driven," "insane," and "absurdly busy" all work very well for Kail.

Not that we could ever even dream of doing as much as Kailyn does, but her advice to anyone crazy enough to try it all is balance. (Yes, Kail, but how?!?)

"I just don't feel like I do so much," she said during a recent sit-down with The Stir. "I just do it, you know what I mean?"

We get that. And Kailyn said that even though her husband Javi is busy with his own schooling and work, he always takes his free time to help out, too. And of course, with Javi comes his mom, who's also around to fill in when Kail and Javi are both busy with business and school.

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Though she's got the time management thing down pat, Kailyn said it does take its toll -- especially when it comes time to stay up and watch Teen Mom 2 as it airs.

"Some days I’m too tired and I don’t make it till 10 o'clock. I try to keep up with the OG girls, too. I’m friends with all them, but I can’t hang. I’m in bed by 9."

Being in bed by 9? Now that's something we can understand.

But Kailyn was also saying that even if she can manage to stay awake, sometimes it's hard to re-watch her life like that. Her relationship with Javi is particularly difficult to see play out, she said.

"Doing the show puts a lot of stress on our relationship and our marriage because when we are having an argument or something like that, it gets magnified times ten. Then we have to relive it when it airs," she admitted. "Maybe to us it wasn’t that big of a fight, but on TV it’ll look a little bit more dramatic that it was."

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Even so, Kail was the first to say that "that's just the way it is." And anyways, she said she and Javi are in a really good place right now. "At this point," she said, "we’re just going to laugh about whatever comes up this season."

Well, that is a relief to hear, especially after the word "divorce" was thrown around during this season's promo video. But even if she was talking about her own marriage, it seems like she and Javi have figured things out and are all ready to celebrate their three-year anniversary this September.

This fall will also mark Isaac's first day of kindergarten, which both he and Kailyn seem pretty excited about. It's also a big year for Lincoln, who will officially turn 2 in November.

"He's my firecracker kid," Kail said about her youngest. "He's on the go at all times."

So work's good, school's good, the kids are good, and -- forget what MTV is saying -- her marriage is good too. Even with the Jo drama unfolding slowly in front of us all, Kailyn is handling everything magnificently. Good luck, girl. We can't to see what's next!

Are you glad to hear the good news about Kailyn and Javi?


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